New Pavillion 2018


Some photos of the wonderful people who  volunteered with the building of the Memorial Pavillion

July 27, 2018 from Rosalie Williams on Facebook!
It’s Here!! 1500 Gallon Septic Tank and Already In The Ground Thank You Matt, Keith, Hunter AND GW Tatro Construction For Today And Everything So Far!!!
Thank You Camp Precast!!!! Thank You Eric Cooper For The Delivery BYE BYE PORTA-LETS Of 19 YEARS!!!! LUCAS’ Community Project Is Off And RUNNING
I Am Still SO Excited (40’x100′ Memorial Pavilion) <3 I Need To Calm Down (NOT)

Rosalie Ellen Williams is with Erionah Williams and 3 others.
July 13 at 1:34 PM ·
Construction Has Started!!!!! I Still Can Not Believe It
I Feel Happy And Sad Mixed Emotions
This Is Like I Felt When Lucas And All My Kids Terah And Celia Were Born. Happy And Worried How They Will Turn Out When They Grow Up. Lucas’ Memorial Pavillion Is Being Born His Memory Is Growing And I Am So Proud And I Can’t Help But Have It On My Mind. God This Is So Exciting 17 Years!!!!! It Will Be Ready To Celebrate His Death Of 20 Years December 22, 2018 We All Will Celebrate

Rosalie Ellen Williams
July 9 ·

Hoping to finish this boy’s hopes, dreams and wishes for some place for kids to have something to do in a small rural country town, with the Pavillion In his Memory. I Miss You Lucas James Williams <3
Maybe when the project starts we might need help in some sort of way builders, concrete, roofers puttting on steel volunteers could be needed my phone number is 933-4201 or meesage me here on facebook please get involved with this project!! If you notice the box Lucas is sitting in REMEMBER what I always say. Have you ever bought a child a toy and after 45 minutes they are playing with the box because the box can be anything they want as long as they can imagine it. The Memorial field at 38 Waterville Mtn. Road in Bakersfield VT is that open box and kids can always IMAGIN!!! — with Celia Williams, Terah Williams and Lucas James Williams Memorial Youth Fund Ltd..

Rosalie Ellen Williams is with Erionah Williams and 2 others.
July 9 at 9:55 PM ·
I am so excited the donated trusses have been delivered to the site! Thank You To this Person Let the project begin!! To get the folks up to date this is the 40×100 foot Pavillion for the Lucas James Williams Memoral Youth Fund and the Children a solid home for activities and programs with bathrooms, here at 38 Waterville Mtn. Road Bakersfield VT. A 17 year old project this last May 2018

October 31, 2015
This was the beginning of Emerald City Food Cart. The wind blew her over I place a pair of my boots under her and my caption read “SOMEONE DROPPED A HOUSE ON MY SISTER” now you know how she got her name


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