Memorial Fund

The Lucas James Williams Memorial Youth Fund (LJWMYF) is a 501© (3) organization that was founded in 1999 by Lucas’ family and dedicated to his memory. Lucas Williams was a 19 year old Marine who was killed in Kuwait on December 22, 1998 while serving his country.  Lucas’ family founded LJWMYF to carry on his dreams and ambitions of working with children and seniors to help children be more responsible for their actions and to being more independent individuals in a positive manner.

Through the years our son’s memorial has grown from just a name that we wanted to still hear.  Now has developed into an organization which serves hundreds of children, adults and families.  This so far has been accomplished with in-kind.    No matter where we are or whom we meet some one has heard of our son’s memorial fund.  Our family works with ease and enjoyment putting together community programs and activities.  The people that benefit from the many programs the fund offers appreciate it so much they volunteer. There is a feeling of fulfillment and dedication that all the volunteers and we feel enjoy being a part of. It makes us feel so good inside.  Lucas if alive today would say what an awesome organization. It was something he always said he wished was here back then. So now his dreams and wishes are real for children now.  Since March 1999 we have experienced an endless feeling of warmth and a family bond that will never die no matter what! It was very hard a first and we thought it would fail.  But you never fail until you quit trying.  There is a sense of caring that pours out to strangers we meet.  It keeps us strong we never thought it would be so big.  People from all over the world check out our website constantly for updates. They let us know how impressed they are with what we do with nothing. Not even a structure. Donate, ask to volunteer is next on their lips. We know now things happen for a reason. No one should challenge or question.   The summer lunch programs seeing children eating nutritious meals all summer long is wonderful.  The fishing derby seeing the faces of children catching their first fish, and spending the day having quality time with their family is beautiful.  Just being out doors in a healthy environment enjoying a bonfire with music. Spending the summer just being a kid with positive activities and choices.   Knowing families will have much needed food.  Mentoring and being a positive role model for these youth give us the knowledge and feelings that we are really doing something good.  We can feel it in our hearts. There are so many people that need help in many different ways, and we do our best to help them achieve their goals.  Children needed something to do out of school time and we provided a place. At the Lucas James Williams Memorial Youth Fund.

Lucas had a duty to serve his country and he is still serving his people today.   We love you and miss you Lucas


The Williams Family
Clifford and Rosalie
Terah and Celia

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