LCPL Lucas James Williams.

Lucas James Williams’ Birthday
March 2 1979
Happy Birthday Lucas…YOU ARE GOOD TO GO Semper  Fi!!!!!

Link to the Marine Brothers

The Lucas James Williams Memorial Youth Fund (LJWMYF) is a 501© (3) organization that was founded in 1999 by Lucas’ family and dedicated to his memory. Lucas Williams was a 19 year old Marine who was killed in Kuwait on December 22, 1998 while serving his country.  Lucas’ family founded LJWMYF to carry on his dreams and ambitions of working with children and seniors to help children be more responsible for their actions and to being more independent individuals in a positive manner.


Lucas’s medals and medals military veterans given to me for Lucas

 Lucas had a duty to serve his country and he is still serving his people today.   We love you and miss you Lucas

 The Williams Family
Clifford and Rosalie
Terah and Celia

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