Always the Saturday Before Halloween!!!

October 27, 2018

The Lucas James Willliams Memorial Youth Fund is hosting their Annual Haunted Forest
Memorial Field on 38 Waterville Mtn Rd
Bakersfield, VT
Looking for Gouls and Gobblins!!!
Event is free!!

Our Annual Time Of The Year When Guest Come To The Memorial Field To Be Frightened Lol!!!  Come If You Dare. Yes The Lines Are Long BUT We”re Here For Something To Do And To Just Have Some Fun!!!!!!!! Looking For Gouls, Gobblins, Spirits, Headless, 2 Headed, Not So Nice Witches, Chainsaw Choppers, Leaches, Blood Suckers, Howlers, Tour Gouls, Monsters, Candy and Treat Packers, Zombies, Vampires. If You Are Interested Message me here or Call 933-4201 Can be counted as community service to graduate from high school as well.

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