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Fun was had at the bonfire last night!! My famous cheese burger, home made french fry and milk shake makers served us well. Jonas Walker-Cook AlanDeanna Walker-Cook Hayden Paquette Joe Paquette Our visiting guest Helen Hescock, Joe and Judy Paridis said our fries are the best and wanted to know our secret ingredient. course we can not tell that info!!! Sundaes were amazing and so good tested by our panel of judges. Ellaina Murphy, Rebecca Mckenna ,Erionah Williams and friends want to participate in the Haunted Forest this fall. WOW fall is almost here. I have missed you Ari Paquette
Bonfire Tonight July 28th 2018
38 Waterville Mtn. Road
The LJW Memorial Field (Any Age)
7pm-10pm Food, Ice Cream, Cheese Burgers Music Social Interaction No One Leaves Unless I have a note from Parents Even If You Drive To The Field. Lets Have Some Fun Guys!!
Free Ice cream cones or Hot Fudge Sundaes at
38 Waterville Mtn. Road
6 pm-8:30 pm   Kids and Adults (Except Weekends)
Come on over!! Emerald City Food Cart It’s Outa The Woods

Bonfire The Fun The Youth Had!!!
And The Adults!!! Emerald City Food Cart Is A Very Big Hit!!! Feeding Kids. They Love To Be There!!

Another Bon fire  September 20th. The Youngsters Had A Blast! Dancing, Singing, Playing Volleyball, Mrs. Monica Croft Would Be So Happy To See These Youngsters Running And Rolling Just Being Kids Having Fun Because She Would Be Right There Along Side With Them!! Socializing, Making Friends, Making And Eating Ice Cream Sundaes, French Fries, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Organic Valley Chocolate Milk And Cheese! — with Makayla Howard,Christian HowardTyler BessetteTara Howard andMckenna Lynn Morris.


THANK YOU for all you do for the local teens in this area! Because of you they have a safe place to get together and be kids! karissa had a great time at the Bon fire tonight and just arrived home all happy and smiling! You are a treasure and I hope you are recognize by all for the great things you do.


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