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  • A tattoo that i found online that i loved....

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  • Bonfire night

  • Erionah's Maple Sugar Logo!!

  • Sean Has A Very Big Surprise!!

  • 2011 Fishing Derby at Williams' Pond in Bakersfield Vermont

  • Erionah helping stock the pond for the Derby

  • He did catch it all by himself at the LJW Memorial Fishing Derby 6-11-2011

  • "What am I thinking mom??"

  • Congratulations to Melissa Messier Keelty on winning the 6 foot sub from Subway in our contest of trying to get 1000 Likes on our facebook page. Keep on liking us for future contest and giveaways!!

  • Congratulations Levi on your first Turkey. You were an excellent student in our Saftey class!!

  • Leah we are so proud of you on your first Turkey! Congratulations!! You took charge and were totally in control of that firearm and and graduated our class last year! Nice work... This prize was last years. Nice bird, Let us know about this years hunts!!

  • Leah's first Deer 2012 Congratulations Nice Job!!

  • Congratulations Chance on your first Deer 2012! Exellent student You are a safe and responsible hunter. Glad you took our class!!

  • Congratulations Cole on your first Deer 2012. Responsible and a very safe hunter! We know you are hooked now on hunting, Hope you enjoyed our class? We enjoyed having you!!!

  • Congratulations Noah on your first Deer 2012! Very responsible and a very safe young hunter. Many years of huntung skills to practice, be safe always, we know you are. Let us know of future we hearn of something this year send a pic when you can!!!

  • Congratulations Ryan on your first Deer 2012! Was so nice to have you in our class. Responsible and very safe. We knew you had the patience and dedication to be a good hunter!!

  • Congratulations Bryanna, and very proud of you on your first Turkey! You sure showed Responsibility and saftey! Plenty more fun times of hunting. Right DAD!!

  • This summer has ben an awsome time for us and the youth camp. We want to share a few pictures of some of our local kids having FUN. Will Post More Soon!

  • Just A Little Advertising!!!

  • Here are a few pictures from the Memorial Fundraiser

  • Come On Over and Support Us!!! It Will Be Fun!!

  • Who Remembers These Meals??

  • Our Very First Trip With the Children Pizza Put And Then Friendly's 1999! Wow a Long Time Ago It All Began...

  • Sure Do Miss This Lady!! <3 She Had So Much Energy and History To Share, and Always Made It Fun..

  • Can You Find You?

  • This Lady Always Gave Me Strength, Support and Love. Miss Her Very Much <3


  • Excited!!!! Summer Is Here!!!

  • Please Help Find Some Children To Help Stock The Pond With Fish June 12th 2014 @ 10:00 am Rain Or Shine! We Have Over 600 To Place In Their New Home Thank You!

  • Providing Free Services, Activities And Programs For Children And Families Since 1999! Bounce House, Games And Prizes For Children Chicken BBQ, Pig Roast, And Music. Bring A Folding Chair And Cooler! Come And Support The Memorial And Have Fun! Lets Make This The Biggest Year Ever!!

  • That Time Of The Year Again!!! Come And Support Us Even If You Don't Play Volleyball Or Horseshoes Or Ride A Motorcycle, Have Lunch Or Take Out, Bid On Some Of Our Amazing Items @ The Silent Auction Bring A Folding Chair And Your Cooler And Listen To Live Music Or Watch The Games Being Played. We Are So Proud To Offer These Activities And Programs To Children For 15 Years Now!! We Can Say Thank You All For Supporting US <3

  • Amazing Group Of Young People!!! One Of July's Bonfires! All You Could Eat Ice Cream With Hot Fudge, Home Made French Fries, Burgers!!! Music! Awesome Night

  • Lucas's Memory Lives On In The Children's Faces, Smiles And Laughter Through His Memorial. Please Help Us To Get Closer To That 1000 Likes On Our Facebook Page!! 16 Years Have Past Christmas Is A Very Special Time Of Year!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS Everyone! Spend Every Spare Minute You Can Holding And Loving Your Children!! Share The Joy And True Meaning Of Christmas

  • Lets Raise Some Money For These Boys Funds! We Are Honored To Help Out!! <3

  • These Are For Sale!

  • August 4th End Of The Day We Call Kodak!!! Kids Say What's That!!! Too Funny!

  • Thank You Celia And Josh For Helping With The Fundraiser!!

  • Miss Terah My Horseshoe Player!!!



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Untitled Album

  • We Receive Donated Food And Products!

  • Some Of Our Original Day Campers!

  • First Field Trip Ever We Fed 62 Kid Dinner @ Friendly's!

  • Free Dairy Products! Yum!

  • We Teach Youth How To Bait Hooks, Cast, Make Lures And Safety!

  • Haunted Forest! In October!

  • Community Service For Youth To Graduate!

  • Food Distribution Day 3rd Tuesday Of Each Month!

  • Field Trips!

  • Teaching Youth Fish Species!

  • More Day Camp Fun!

  • Graduating Hunter Ed Students On Weekends 2 Times A Year To Firearm Safety!

  • Friends Making Photo Memories After School!

  • After School Photo Activity With Friends!

  • Kids Just Having Fun With Their Parents!

  • Local Kids Giving Us A Surprise!

  • Family Day Of Fun And Enjoyment!

  • Food Programs!

  • Our Adopted Moms The Lapine Sisters!

  • Teacher And Student Connection!

  • Girl Time!!

  • Games And Music!

  • Letting A Young Man Have His Wish!

  • Growing Little Monsters For The Halloween Haunted Forest!

  • Outdoor Fun!!

  • Senior And Youth Learning And Working Together!

  • Summer Feeding Programs! With Gardening From The Experts!!

  • Educating Youth To Fire Arm Safety!

  • Community Collaboration Programs!

  • Educational Programs!

  • Exposure To Outside Adventures!

  • Positive Choices!

  • Fishing Activities!

  • Fishing Derbies!

  • Bow Class

  • Summer Programs!

  • Fishing Events!

  • Bicycle Give Aways!


Annual Fishing Derby

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